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Monday Morning Mail

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Monday Morning Mail by Scott Kronick, President and CEO, Ogilvy Public Relations Asia Pacific (also author of The Lighter Side of China), provides an insight into the philosophy and day-to-day operations of one of China’s most respected and successful PR firms.

Published by ACA Publishing, Monday Morning Mail features thought-provoking messages sent to staff across the Asia Pacific region on Monday mornings over a seven-year period. Starting 88 days before the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympics, Kronick delves into topics such as the value of people within PR firms, the importance of leadership at all levels within the organisation, and the need to surpass expectations when delivering services to clients.

Known as the “University of Marketing”, Ogilvy Asia Pacific played a significant role during the Beijing 2008 Olympics, as revealed in the detailed insights and perspectives of that time offered in Monday Morning Mail. The book also charts the spectacular growth of Ogilvy Asia Pacific in the period from 2008 to 2014, highlighting the key strategies that have allowed Ogilvy Asia Pacific to become the largest region for Ogilvy PR globally – in terms of revenue, profit and headcount. In fact, in 2014, Ogilvy Asia Pacific reached a revenue of US$125 million, accounting for approximately half of Ogilvy PR’s global revenue, while the staff number swelled to over 1,300, 60% of Ogilvy PR’s 2,200 staff globally.

On one hand, Monday Morning Mail provides readers with the recipe for prosperous PR operations, such as the successful management of customer relationships – an emphasis that has allowed Ogilvy Asia Pacific, through the time span of the book, to retain and gain important customers such as Intel, IBM and Ford. On the other hand, Monday Morning Mail also offers readers a concise portrayal of the internal working environment of Ogilvy. The book reveals how Ogilvy Asia Pacific, under Scott Kronick, has developed into one big thriving family. The management insights offered by this book are not confined to the usual vague theories about workplace efficiency and laced with platitudes and corporate jargon that characterise so many works of this genre. Rather, this book is crammed with relevant, practical and genuine life lessons and experiences, gathered by Kronick through his long tenure in China as a successful management figure. The book also includes a glossary of terms, making it easy to follow with numerous lessons to take away for those either inside or outside the PR sector

Delivered in a simple, clear, succinct, easy-to-understand and insightful manner with a touch of Kronick’s characteristic light-heartedness, Monday Morning Mail is a must-read for anyone interested in the PR sector, or anyone who just wants to learn more about the corporate philosophy and inner workings of the Asia Pacific division of one of the world’s largest blue-chip PR firms.

'Monday Morning Mail'

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