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The Beijing Olympics Collection

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The Olympic Culture: An Introduction

The Olympic Culture an Introduction

Divided into three sections, The Olympic Culture: An Introduction, offers an insightful perspective on the cultural aspects associated with the Olympics. Social Perspective covers Olympic culture itself, relating to the institutional dimensions, the organisation of the Olympics, as well as an overview of the architectural and technological evolution that has accompanied the development of the Olympics. The role of the media, the ceremonies and the influence of arts is also featured. Historical Perspective covers a chronological timeframe of the progression from the Ancient Olympics through to the Modern Olympics, before delving into the more contemporary issues of the Olympics as a confrontation between Idealism and Realism, and the Olympic movement as a business. The Olympics and China provides an in-depth look at the evolution of the relationship between the Olympic movement and China, and provides an overview of the issues associated with the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

A Glossary of Olympic Terms

A Glossary of Olympic Terms

Designed as a reference book for sports fans to look up relevant information, a Glossary of Olympic Terms was the brainchild of the China National Committee for Terms in Science and Technologies. Featuring in excess of 12,000 terms, all the terms in this book are presented in four languages: Chinese, English, French and Spanish; except for those terms of trampoline, triathlon and beach volleyball which are in Chinese and English only. The English index also allows the reader to easily navigate between the different sports, providing for a useful go-to guide for understanding the technicalities of Olympic sports.

Experience, Value, Influence:A Research Report on the Volunteer Work Legacy Transformation of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.

Experience, Value, Influence

This report states that Beijing Olympic and Paralympic volunteers are not only direct service providers for the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games, but also builders of a peaceful Beijing, and act as ambassadors between China and the outside world. The research begins with the volunteer groups, analysing personnel structure and recruitment, before investigating the organisational system and the operating mechanism. The report explores the long-term impact of the use of volunteers in the Olympic and Paralympic Games, as well as the wider impact that the success has had on other volunteer groups, and people’s willingness to volunteer in China. The research uses a mix of in-depth interviews and surveys in order to gain the results and reach conclusions, all of which are accompanied with the relevant data and research methodology.

2008 Olympics Architecture

Olympics Architecture

This rich photographic overview of the design and function of the venues used during the Beijing 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Games is the ultimate guide for anyone with an interest in the architecture of the Beijing 2008 events. Each of the venues, from the National Stadium (“Bird’s Nest”), the National Aquatics Centre (“Watercube”) and the Beijing Olympic Basketball Gymnasium through to the Hong Kong Olympic Equestrian venue, all of the venues used during the Olympic and Paralympic Games are featured in this book. Split into six sections: New Venues, Renewed Venues, Temporary Venues, Training Venues, Venues in Co-host Cities, and Related Buildings, this 287 page guide to 2008 Olympic Architecture will inspire any architecture or Olympic enthusiast.

Traditional Sports in China

The Traditional Sports in China

Consisting of eleven chapters, Traditional Sports in China introduces more than 60 sports games from ancient China. For each game, the book explains its origin, development, cultural impact, and anecdotes surrounding those games. While giving readers a clear understanding of the subject, the book also tries to offer a friendly and fun reading experience. Each sport is illustrated with pictures and accompanied by rich historical records, which serve to demonstrate the features of each sport and validate their lineage in Chinese history.

International Volunteers in China

International Volunteers in China

International Volunteers in China provides accounts from 21 international volunteers who were in Beijing during the 2008 events. Volunteering for the Olympic News Service, the journalistic accounts provide for a meaningful insight into the sights and experiences that each of the contributing authors witnessed during their time in Beijing before and after the Olympics. For most it was their first time to Beijing, so there are many stories and experiences that have created an impression upon the western volunteers. These cultural experiences, added to the unique perspective of being behind the scenes at Beijing 2008 provides for an insightful and thought provoking read.

The Beijing Olympics Collection

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