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The China Business Handbook – 中国商旅手册


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ISBN: 978-0-9927625-5-1
国际标准书号: 978-0-9927625-5-1
Pages: 381
页数: 381页
Size: 140mm(W) x 216mm(H)
尺寸: 140毫米(宽) x 216毫米(高)

Softcover, nearly 400 pages of text

The China Business Handbook 2015, published by ACA Publishing, is an essential resource for those doing business in China, and for anyone who wants to learn more about the current economic and industrial structure of the country.

This fully revised and updated 18th Edition features chapters written by experts on topics such as Relocating to China, Business Etiquette, E-commerce, Social Media, and Connecting with Chinese Consumers. The second section comprises a detailed overview of each region in China, from the prosperous coastal cities to the developing inland areas. It includes key economic information about each province, accompanied by up-to-date maps, charts and tables. Anyone who wants to understand China’s potential, from curious observers to experienced CEOs, will find The China Business Handbook 2015 to be an indispensable reference tool.

For access to the archives of the older editions of our annual business handbook, please visit The China Business Handbook official website to get both digital and hard copies of the book.

The China Business Handbook

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