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‘The Lighter Side of China’ (Bilingual Edition)

LSC Chinese Front cover

by Scott Kronick, President
Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, North Asia

Retail Price: $16.00
ISBN: 978-0-9927625-4-4
Pages: 210
Size: 147mm (w) x 219mm (H)

Hardback, over two hundred
pages of text and illustrations.

After the huge success of the English edition, published in January 2014, ACA Publishing is excited to publish this bilingual edition of ‘The Lighter Side of China’ by Scott Kronick. Translated by Liu Hai Ming, edited by ACA Publishing, and proofread by Wei Li-Chin, this bilingual edition will fulfill the needs of Chinese readers, and those learning English.

‘The Lighter Side of China’ delights the reader with comic tales and lessons learnt from living and working in China and North Asia over the past two decades. In a series of 25 short stories accompanied by elegantly-sketched cartoons and crammed with amusing and informative anecdotes, Kronick light-heartedly chronicles the potential pitfalls of negotiating through interpreters, how his Chinese colleagues chose their English names, and the trials and tribulations of grappling with ‘squatter’ toilets.

We are confident that you will enjoy reading this rewarding and enjoyable account of ‘The Lighter Side of China’.

自2014年1月英国查思出版亚洲有限公司(ACA Publishing Ltd.)成功出版了柯颖德(Scott Kronick)的The Lighter Side of China以后,第一次印刷售罄, 特二次出版中英双语版《中国记趣》。作者将自己在中国及北亚工作生活的二十多年经历,在《中国记趣》中以轻松幽默的口吻著书笔端,一一与读者共享。每篇故事所配传神的手绘插图更是增添了一层视觉上的阅读乐趣。


The Lighter Side of China (Bilingual Edition)

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