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The Lighter Side of China

by Scott Kronick, President
Ogilvy Public Relations, North Asia

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ISBN: 978-0-9927625-0-6 Pages:112
Size: 105mm(w) x 216mm (H)
Paperback, perfect binding, over one hundred pages of text and illustrations.

In ‘The Lighter Side of China,’ published by ACA Publishing, Scott Kronick delights the reader with comic tales and lessons learnt from living and working in China and North Asia over the past two decades. In a series of 25 short stories accompanied by elegantly-sketched cartoons and crammed with amusing and informative anecdotes, Kronick light-heartedly chronicles the potential pitfalls of negotiating through interpreters, how his Chinese colleagues chose their English names, and the trials and tribulations of grappling with ‘squatter’ toilets. But don’t be fooled by the author’s laid-back, light-hearted narrative style into thinking that this book is in any way lightweight or shallow – it is packed with deeply informative and educational details about the impact of cultural differences which make day-to-day life for a foreigner living in China so challenging and rewarding.

ISBN: 978-0-9927625-0-6
The Lighter Side of China (112 pages)
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The Lighter Side of China

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